Mercedes-Benz CLK problems, complaints, CLK320, CLK350, CLK500, CLK550

Mercedes-Benz CLK problems, complaints, CLK320, CLK350, CLK500, CLK550

Article by Cooleric2000

Do you own or lease a new (or used under factory certified pre-owned warranty program) Mercedes-Benz CLK320, CLK350, CLK 500, CLK550 or CLK AMG that has had repeated symptoms and problems, and at least one of the symptoms/problems has been subject to 3 or more repair attempts at the dealership during the original 4 year/50,000 mile factory new vehicle limited warranty? (or additional 2 year/100,000 mile Mercedes certified pre-owned warranty)? Any Mercedes-Benz model from 2004 to 2011 may potentially qualify based upon its history of repeated warranty repairs that have substantially impaired the use and/or safety of the vehicle. These models include CLK 320, CLK 350, CLK 500, CLK 550, or CLK AMG.

If you own a convertible CLK, a number of CLK cabriolet models have also been known to experience water leaks in the convertible top sealing/latching mechanism, or retractable top operational malfunctions. Both convertible and hard top models have seen power window motor/regulator failures.

A number of Mercedes-Benz CLK320/CLK350/CLK500/CLK550/CLK AMG vehicles have had various known mechanical and/or safety impairment issues. If you have had multiple warranty repair attempts for the same issue, or an excessive number of days in the shop, you may have a Mercedes-Benz CLK vehicle that qualifies for coverage under California’s Lemon Law. You could receive your money back or a substantial cash settlement!

If you feel that you meet the “3 or more repair attempts” criteria noted above, please call us at the toll-free number below to receive a FREE Lemon Law case review and evaluation of your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: For engine/drive-ability/etc. cases, we do not accept cases for review in which the owner has modified the vehicle via installation of aftermarket performance “chips”, “mapping”, “cold-air intake systems” and “starting at the exhaust manifold” exhaust systems, etc. We also do not pursue cases wherein one or more repair invoice on your Mercedes states “outside influence – not a warranty issue” or “evidence of tampering”. If the vehicle is used for “business purposes,” a lemon law claim/case cannot be brought on that vehicle if there are more than 5 vehicles registered to the owner/business.We would like to stress that Mercedes-Benz manufactures and distributes one of the highest quality and most technologically advanced vehicles on the market with the CLK series line-up, and that the issues noted above will likely not happen to most owners of these CLK vehicles. That being said, despite a manufacturer’s best efforts, some Mercedes-Benz CLK vehicles will turn out to be “lemons” by their qualifying warranty repair histories. For these vehicles California’s largest lemon law firm can be a great asset to consumers in getting their legal entitlement under the California Lemon Law.

The California Lemon Law protects consumers that purchase or lease new or under-warranty used Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the state of California, register them here via paying California tax and license (registration), and have their warranty repairs performed at factory authorized California Mercedes-Benz dealership locations. Consumers must keep their Mercedes-Benz dealer warranty work receipts, or gain a “warranty repair history” printout from the dealership to prove the repairs/repair visits that have taken place on their CLK.

Our lemon law statute in California provides the manufacturer of your vehicle with a “reasonable” number of repair attempts to rectify the problem/symptom. The number of repair visits necessary to be “reasonable” is relative to how many months the car has been in warranty service, the description and substantiality of the symptom/problem, and the number of miles currently on the car. It should be noted that contrary to what you may read in your vehicles warranty book, California has no requirement for “arbitration”, allowing the consumer to directly seek and retain legal counsel to represent them in a “lemon law” case.

Manufacturer’s “Customer Assistance Centers” give out “case numbers”, which are NOT a lemon law case, but rather simply a reference number for the next time you call in with a complaint.

Watch out for the age-old trick of the “dealer trade assist” or similar wording used by some car dealers if a customer complaints about his/her Mercedes-Benz that has symptoms/problems. Customers are often told “we will get you out of your car and into a new one”. Don’t fall for this time-worn consumer ploy. This is simply the dealer trying to take your Mercedes-Benz back in trade and sell you a new one, taking all the negative equity from your current Mercedes-Benz and hiding it in the loan or lease on the new replacement vehicle.

Our California lemon law is the avenue car buyers utilize to get their money back, or a negotiated cash settlement.

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